from the atelier

And by “atelier” I mean my dining room table. Where we eat occasionally, read magazines, and I print things.

I thought I’d document some production moments to give people a better sense of how linocuts and block printing happen. It’s such a simple concept, and yet so involved, so time-consuming, and often so frustrating. But also awesome and fun and sharp and surprising. Come with me, if you please!

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What this slideshow doesn’t portray was what happened next. Namely me gingerly peeling the card off the block, letting it dry for a few hours, and then attacking it with a variety of markers while watching the most amazing / offensive / hilarious English comedy ever, Peep Show. For real. All coloring of cards, whether umbrellas or stained glass, or the intensive balloons, must occur while watching a TV show on my computer. It’s a law.

So you see – not only a long, complex process, but one that requires motor skills, patience, constant vigilance, and British humor. Also: music. Enrique is a printing favorite. Back episodes of This American Life are also genius.

I was talking to my boss about new card ideas for the store, and he suggested a pair of flying pigs. I love the idea, because I think pigs are legitimately really cool, but I think that might have unpleasant connotations. Most people buy cards as gifts, and if I received a travel-themed card featuring flying pigs, I might take it to mean “we’re giving you this card because I know you want to move to Istanbul but it’s never going to happen. Dream on, petite fille.” Non? Am I over-reading?

Any ideas from the peanut gallery? What would you like to see me make?