Hey gang. I’m Anya.

I am a writer, traveler, sometimes language teacher, and a lifelong maker of things. I began to explore my interests in paper and fabric more formally in the summer of 2008 and have been honing my skills and having a madcap time since. “Sainte Carte Postale” is the documentation of that strange process, and I invite you to join me on this winding road of spattered ink, raw edges, and crafty moonlight.

Most of what you see will probably land on my Etsy shop, but you get a sneak peek at the mayhem.

a teensy bit more about me:
My interests are varied, but have and will always include : paper, calligraphy, collage, découpage, clay, fiber, and rummaging through old magazines. I am a fierce friend of mod podge, ink bottles, and most outdated and/or unnecessarily antiquated processes.

Things I love (which often inspire me): calligraphy, knitting, Italian marbled paper, architecture, Latin + Classics, spooky Swedish music, dogs, Helsinki fashion, English Modernism, fruit, old man style, and dessert.

My hair is full of secrets. But don’t tell anyone.


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