Because I already am

So despite the look of things, I did go ahead and take pictures of my goodies in their new home at Distant Lands. Or, to be more precise, I asked my coworker and friend (who also happens to be a wildly talented photographer) to blow off his real projects and fiddle around with my camera. He spent a very appreciated hour teaching me how to actually use my camera – think F stops and iris openings and shutter speeds – and then tried to combat the chaotic hell hole of lighting that is our bookstore. Here are some of the pictures!

the cards all pretty and polished in their clear A7 sleeves

if you've never seen a travel bookstore... this is what it looks like.

more environs

he caught a wildly unflattering picture of me checking in that big stack o' books

I normally wouldn’t think to include any of these pictures, but honestly a part of me sees them and still doesn’t quite comprehend their reality. I need to remind myself that somehow, sometime last week, my little paper babies moved on from their comfy nest of my dining room table and storage bins. They’re out there in the world. People are picking them up and looking at them, and shock of shocks – they’re buying them. I got a text from Wayne on the 14th, a week ago. The cards had been there for an afternoon.

Hey, a lady bought three of your cards. 🙂 She’s a graphic designer… sounded educated and put together… Not just a crazy… she kept talking about them… Said they should cost more. Good job!!! 🙂

Needless to say, that certainly made my evening. As did the “Sold another one :)” text from Thursday, and the next one on Saturday which reached me as I iced my back after having thrown it out the day before. I owe Wayne a batch of really really good cupcakes. Or a bottle of vodka or something. My other friends at work have been equally as excited and enthusiastic, albeit less eager to spend their texts on me. It’s been so wonderful to feel such encouragement from them, and from my boss.

Tomorrow is a pretty big day for me and for Ink Blot. Tomorrow I have my first real meeting… and it’s with a stationery store. A stationery store with incredible reviews on Yelp, no less. I’d be lying if I said I weren’t nervous. I spent my back-injured weekend alternately dozing in bed with my trusty ice and trying to organize my life and do an actual inventory. With an Excel spreadsheet. I’ve gone through every box, shaken out the cobwebs, and seen how my work has progressed. It’s kind of amazing. And you know what? It kind of makes me proud. I can do this. Because I already am.

Croisez les doigts!


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